Available Options

Whether your window coverings are for your home or your business, Ascension Blinds offers shades and blinds with options that make your everyday life easier. Some of our window covering options include motorized and commercial window coverings.

Motorized Options

Motorized window coverings simplify how you adjust your blinds or shades. With a push of a button from your remote control or phone, you can open and close your window coverings.

Motorized window coverings are perfect for windows that are tall or difficult to reach. And if you have a room with many windows that need to be opened or closed multiple times through the day, motorized blinds make life so much easier.

They are also a safer option as there are no cords for your children and pets to play with. Motorized window covers also increase the value of your home as they will catch the eye of homebuyers.

Our Combi, Innowin and roller shades can all be integrated with motorized controls.


  • Remote Control
  • Phone App

Power Sources

  • 110 V
  • 24V
  • Rechargeable Battery

Commercial Options

Window coverings are an investment for your business, so you want to ensure that they provide not only aesthetic appeal and privacy but also contribute to your overall safety. Ascension Blinds offers fire-retardant and room-darkening rated fabrics to meet the commercial window covering requirements of your office and business location.

Many businesses need to meet certain safety and building codes regarding window coverings. For example, your staff and customers should be able to safely exit through windows and not be obstructed by blinds or shades in an emergency. In addition, they should be installed properly and be able to be moved to the side easily. In the event of a fire, window covering fabric should also have a fire-retardant rating.